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Commonly Asked Questions

At the Slater Byrne believe that the more our Clients understand the debt collection process, the more they’ll be able to make better decisions for their businesses. As such, we answered below some of the most frequently asked questions about debt collection: 

How do Slater Byrne Recoveries charge for our debt collection services?

Slater Byrne Recoveries is a performance- and success-based debt collection agency. We offer a “No Win, No Fee” service, which means we only charge a percentage of the amount of debt that we recover and we only charge that fee when we are successful in recovering your debt. 

 You can also get in touch with our National Head of Sales to discuss any questions you may have. You can also download our Standard Commission Scale document. 

How long does it take for Slater Byrne to collect debts?

Our debt collection process takes an average of 21 days or 3 weeks to successfully recoup the debt. 

 We start the process by contacting the debtor through a letter, email, and text, and giving them 7 days to pay the debt. The debtor often makes payment or contact the client by this time. 

 After 7 days of no response, we proceed with a reminder letter, email and text. We also call the debtor to follow up on the first letter. 

 If after 7 days (which is already the 14th day since the first letter was issued) there is still no response, we will send a notice of impending legal action. If no resolution is found after sending this notice, our accounts manager will advise you of the legal options that are available to you at this month. 

When is the best time to pursue a debt?

We suggest that you should start the debt collection process the moment an invoice becomes overdue. Generally, the invoice becomes overdue when your customers exceed your credit terms or the agreed period for payment. To illustrate, if you have a 20-day credit term, the invoice becomes due 20 days after you sent the invoice out. 

 You can start your debt collection process by calling or sending out an email to remind your customers of their outstanding debts. If despite repeated reminders, the debt remains unpaid, then it is best to follow up with a letter of demand. If your customers are refusing to pay and they have exceeded your credit terms – act immediately. The faster the account is handed to a collection agency, the better the result! 

How do I sign up?

It is easy to sign up with us. You can either call us at +44 16 1394 2122 or lodge a debt at .

How long does it take Slater Byrne to complete the debt collection process?

Our streamlined debt collection process usually takes 3 weeks. There are also cases where the debt collection took more than 3 weeks because of certain circumstances.  

How do you ensure you get paid?

To chase debts, we would require any invoices, contracts or any other documentation you may have relating to the debt. 

 Importantly, you will need to provide us with: 

  • name of the debtor and contact person of the debtor 
  • CRN Number or VRN/UTR Numbers as these two numbers will assure you that the debtor has lawfully registered with the proper government agency 
  • address to make the search of the debtor easier

Do you collect debts for overseas clients?

Slater Byrne has helped clients from around the world, like Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., China, Singapore, Hong Kong and The Netherlands. The advantage of getting a local UK debt collection agency is our knowledge of the ins and outs of UK legislation and debt collection regulations. We act for any company in the world as long as the debtor company is in the UK. 

What happens if you fail to recover the debt and I don’t want to escalate any further?

We will close the case file at no cost to you. 


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